What billing details appear on my invoice and how can I modify them?

Invoices are issued to the billing details configured by the user in their ElParking account, by default these details will be those that the user enters when following steps in the validation email.

To check or modify these details you can do so:

Via the elparking.com website accessing “My account” >> “My wallet” >> “Billing Details” or through the app accessing “Account” >> “My wallet and movements” >> “Billing Details".

If you are the administrator of more than one wallet you will be able to modify the billing details of each wallet separately:

From the website accessing “My account” >> My wallets, select the wallet you want to modify the billing details of  >> “Billing details” or from the app at

“Account” >> “My wallets”, select the wallet you want to modify the billing details in >> ”Billing details“


If you modify any of the billing details you must save the changes to make them effective.

Any changes will be effective for the invoices in the months following the one the modification is made. These changes cannot be backdated, meaning you will not be able to include your new billing details on previous invoices.

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