Have you received an S.E.R. (Parking) fine for a rental car that you no longer have?

It is possible that you will receive a notification for a vehicle which you no longer have but that at some point had rented, this is because we notify the user last associated to that vehicle registration. Don't worry! You are not obliged to settle this complaint, as the car is not yours.

So that this does not happen again, you need to delete this registration number from your vehicles, which can be done from the app or via the website.

From the app, once have started a session enter “Account” >> “My vehicles”, select the vehicle that want to delete and click on button "Delete vehicle".

From the website: Start session with your ElParking login details, enter “My account” in the >> “My vehicles” menu >> select the “Change or delete” button of the vehicle that want to delete, choose the “Delete vehicle” option in the box that appears.

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