Parking service icons

Some car parks have certain services configured that are characteristic of the specific car park. These services appear in the shape of pictograms and you can find them on the car park data sheet or in every cell of the search results when are looking for a car park.

Below is a summary of the meaning of each pictogram:

Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.40.54.png  → Open 24 hours: The car park is open continuously.

Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.41.14.png  →  Access for disabled people.

Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.41.44.png  →  Toilets available for car park users

Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.41.08.png  → Lifts

 Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.42.54.png → Video surveillance service

Captura_de_pantalla_2018-08-29_a_las_12.41.59.png  → Delivery of keys. In some car parks it will be necessary for you to deliver your vehicle's keys to one of the car park operators. This can be requested for several reasons, for example: because you have an additional service included in your booking such as a valet parking service or vehicle cleaning. This can also be requested because in the operation of the car park the operators themselves are responsible for parking the cars.


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