Some users will have access to a company wallet where the administrator has invited them as a beneficiary. This means…

By shared company wallet we mean that the users can not only use their own personal wallet funds, but also another corporate wallet to make their ElParking payments.

When you have more than one wallet and are the administrator (owner) of all your wallets, you can manage them yourself, modifying or adding payment methods, topping up, activating automatic top-ups, checking administrator and beneficiary activity and adding or deleting beneficiaries from your wallet.

All users are administrators of at least one wallet (the personal wallet).

If the user is the beneficiary of a wallet (user added to a shared wallet) they can only pay ElParking costs with the shared wallet if there is enough balance and they can only view the list of their own movements in the shared wallet.

Users of shared wallets cannot view the balance available on the wallet, nor can they view the activity of other users.

The company wallet service can have an associated charge for the shared wallet user. This can be set up for each wallet based on the beneficiaries.

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