How can I tell if I have unredeemed vouchers?

If you have bought any petrol vouchers that you have still not redeemed, when you log on to the petrol stations map, you'll see the green "Bonos" button. If you have no vouchers pending redemption, this button will not be enabled.

When you click "View vouchers", you'll see a list with all the vouchers to be redeemed and each one will show the petrol station it was purchased for, the type of fuel and the amount.


photo_2018-07-25_11-25-39.jpg  photo_2018-07-24_10-57-28.jpg


If you have a voucher for a specific petrol station, click on the map marker and a label will come up on the petrol station file stating that you already have a petrol voucher pending redemption for that location.


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